Madame L is an American designer and artist known for her carefully crafted bespoke styles, a mixture of art and culture fused into fashionable statement pieces women around the world have come to covet.  

Each style is meticulously designed and sculpted – a process that can take months. Using carefully curated fabrics and artisan techniques, Madame L pieces are truly a one of kind.


How it all started

As a child Madame L found freedom in her creativity, always painting, sketching, and styling wardrobes for her friends and family members. “Looking back, it seems I was destined to design.” It wasn’t until her late twenties she finally decided to merge her passion for design and empowering other women, thus Madame L was born. “I get to help women find self confidence through art. I really, truly love the freedom designing gives me. There is no limit on what I can create and do and there is no greater feeling I can compare to that of helping another woman feel beautiful.”


After a life changing tragedy and the loss of her sister it was then Madame L decided to follow her passions. “It was in this dark moment that I found the strength and inspiration I needed to finally pursue my dream as a designer. Madame L was one of the very last conversations and moments I ever got to share with my sister and it is in her honor that I design. Her life may have been cut short but I  hope that her spirit shines on through me.”


“Creativity and inspiration can come to us in any form and from anywhere. Life is a constant transition and in the darkest of moments there is still a light within us all.”







Meet the Designer

An intimate look at the woman behind the scenes. 

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