About Madame L

Madame L is an American fashion designer who creates bespoke styles for the modern, sophisticated woman using premier fabrics and craftsmanship. Madame L is known for her sophisticated and timeless styles that fuse luxurious fabrics, premier craftsmanship, and a modern sensibility inspired by the dynamism of women. 

“Every women deserves to own a few quality styles that empower them. Image is a powerful tool. I design because I want to help women find empowerment and success through image. When a women knows she looks good, she has the confidence to conquer the world. I know that women are divine, they are strong, and women can overcome any challenge. I am the designer who helps women find success through image.”
Every style is designed by Madame L herself. “I hope that my designs encourage women to be confident, strong, and sophisticated.”
Choosing the Madame L logo was no easy task. Madame L spent months throughly thinking about what symbol would represent her mission, her brand, and most importantly her clients best.
“When thinking about the image of Madame L, I knew it had to be special. It had to be a symbol that represented how strong and courageous women are. I spent months thinking about the design. While shopping for French antiques one afternoon I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye, I quickly did a double take and found myself entranced with the most beautiful piece of art. Standing silently in front of it, I knew I had found something special. I rushed home and immediately started researching the meaning. It turns out this symbol was exactly what I was looking for, it embodied the voice of who I am, who my clients are, and the deeper meaning I had been looking for in a brand image. There is no other design on this earth that better represents women. Women are a true source of strength and victory in today’s world. They some how manage to do it all while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. That is a victory worth honoring.”
The design for Madame L was chosen for it’s long standing meaning of strength and victory.  While often awarded to men as a badge of victory or honor throughout history, it is women that hold a place of honor at Madame L.
The Madame L logo represents the spirit of women, it is an image of strength, honor, and poise.

Meet the Designer

An intimate look at the woman behind the scenes, the creative director and founder of Madame L.