Madame L is an American designer and artist know for her carefully crafted bespoke styles, a mixture of art and culture fused into fashionable statement pieces women around the world have come to covet.  

Each style is meticulously designed and sculpted – a process that can take months. Using carefully curated fabrics and artisan techniques, Madame L pieces are truly a one of kind.


My Story-How it all started

When I turned about 26 years old, I really found myself searching for more out of life. I wasn’t happy with my career, I craved creativity and fulfillment.  I took a few years to explore different creative options, really understanding what I felt most passionate about and where I felt I had any talent.  I really, truly love the freedom designing gives me. There is no limit on what I can create and do. Always seeing myself as a bit of a rebel (I like to do things my own way), designing gives me that opportunity. I don’t like to follow fashion schedules, I create when I’m inspired. I like it this way, I like to create one of a kind pieces that are unique and different. Pieces that help women feel special, bold, sexy, whatever it is they need to feel in that moment. 
Where I really found inspiration to start my own business was in the fall of 2017. My little sister, Autumn, had started her first semester of college and earlier that year we spent a really lovely day together talking about our future careers. Little did I know that just a few months later I would not have the opportunity to see my sister again. Although, I found myself heartbroken and devastated, it was through this very sadness I found the strength and inspiration I needed to finally pursue my dream as a designer. My dream of designing was one of the last things I ever got to share with my sister and it is an honor to have an opportunity to pursue something I am so passionate about. Her life may have been cut short but may her spirit shine on through me.
Creativity and inspiration can come to us in any form and from anywhere. Life is a constant transition and in the darkest of moments there is still a light within us all.






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