Autumn/Winter ’19

This collection shares elegant simplicity with the simplest silhouettes and the most basic of colors – White, Black, and Red. Inspired by yin and yang, the masculine and feminine, the light and the dark, it is believed together each of these create balance.  These pieces reflect the powerful transition of the feminine in a sophisticated and elegant way, capturing the intriguing allure that only women  possess.

About this collection- a note from the designer

This years “Autumn” collection is incredibly personal and very important to me. This collection is dedicated to my baby sister, Autumn Skye, who was taken from this life far too soon. Just before she left us last fall, we had the opportunity to spend the day together talking about life, her starting college, and the careers we both planned to pursue. We crafted vision boards to help us envision our ideas, discussing our fears and encouraging one another to begin pursuing our dreams – in only a way sisters can.

My vision was to help women find empowerment and confidence through personal style.  Today I am living that vision, in honor of my sister. It is with great excitement and privilege that I present to you my Autumn ’19 collection.